Web Hosting Blues

Lets be honest, till today you still can not find the perfect host for you blog, website/online presence. I feel the same way too. It frustrates me at times. I can live with minor setbacks like downtime (not for hours please!) and such, but there’s this small thing that frustrates me even more with my current (cough!) webhost. They disabled the php ‘send mail’ syntax, so that means you cant send me emails through the link up above, or i cant set up websites that needs to send a confirmation email to a newly registered user.

Now that pisses me off.

Stumbled upon this site which covers almost all (maybe) of the webhosting companies out there. I was impressed! Being webhosting geeks, i bet they can not resist putting up a table/chart thingy for the top 10 web hosting providers out there.

So what have i learnt from this new wave of information? Some providers charge a bomb for domain registration. While some had kick ass features for as low as $4 per month. Going to do more research on this. Currently im on a reseller plan at $XX per month. So i need the same features + the php send mail feature to be available, PLEASE!.

Well wish me luck. If you are in the same situation with me, why not head over to the web hosting geeks and do your own research, what’s hot and what’s not. See ya and have a great sunday ahead!